I’m a Single Income No Kids who works for the Government, and a single person.  I live in an inner ring suburb outside of Detroit, Mi.  I call my living environment semi-urban.  I have a new single family home located in a area that became a city in the 1920s.  There houses are a mix of tiny old 600-900 sqft places and places like mine 1600-2200 sqft places built since 2000.  A tiny little house use to sit on my lot but a builder cam in and knocked it down to build a new home.  I live on a very small lot, just 4400 sqft but it is great for me.  I can cut my grass with an old fashion push mower in 20 minutes.

My two biggest hobbies are running and trying to create an English style garden in my yard.  Running keeps me fit and gets me out of the house.  When I can I run at least two nights a week with a local running group.  Most of the time we end up at the bar after a run for drinks and food.  Gardening is something I’m playing at.  It allows me to “customize” my house without power tools or making major changes and if something doesn’t work out, I can just replace it with a new plant for not a whole lot of money.

I have three cats, one of whom is special needs, last December he was diagnosed as diabetic.  His treatment has him regulated but his needs do complicate things from a logistics perspective but not a financial one.