My pets have an emergency fund, “by accident.”

Sometime back before I had pets, 3 cats, I set up a bank account to save a bit each week for something.  What that something was I can no longer remember.  I’m sure it was something like a bicycle or a new computer or the like.  Something that was more than $1,000 but less than $5,000.

I decided to save $14 a week at first, then $21 and ended up eventually with an automatic transfer of $35 to it every week, $5 a day.  So several years later, I decide that I really didn’t want whatever it was but I had found myself a servant to a couple of 10 pound, 4 legged entities that go “meow.”  I was looking into things like pet insurance and decided it wasn’t worth to me.  But I also didn’t want to have to make a financial decision when it was emotional.  I was thinking what to do, what to do when I opened up my bank account one day and saw my little savings account just sitting there.  My little account which has become quite big got a new name.  The Pet Savings Account.  It even got big enough a few years ago that I re-directed the $35 a week back to my normal savings account for a couple of years.

Unfortunately at the end of 2015 I did have to dip into it.  Well I chose to do so.  One of my Fuzzies was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes.  Like in humans, it is very treatable with a high quality of life.  And the start up costs were pricey = I decided to use money from this account.  It’s back to being replenished at $35 a week.


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